1. Is Mai.My Iklan Sini free ?

    Posting ads on this site will always be free. Read more.

  2. Do your site display advertisement ?

    Yes. This is to support our operating expenses to run this site. Rest assured that we will only display a minimal and non-disturbing ads. Which should not reduce your experience while on our site. Read more.

  3. Can I add credit for future use ?

    Currently we do not support this feature. Read more.

  4. Do I need to pay to edit my ads ?

    No. All edits are free. Read more.

  5. How many ads can I post ?

    Any advertisers may post unlimited number of ads. Read more.

  6. Can I unpublish my ads and reactivate it later ?

    Yes, you can. All ads posted on Mai.my can be set to active or inactive at any time. It is free. Read more.

  7. I found an inapproriate ads, how should I report them ?

    All ads have Report button. You may simply click that button and we will act accordingly. Read more.

  8. I found a bug/glitch, how can I report ?

    You may contact us at our Contact Page here. Read more.

  9. Help! My ads gone.

    Your ads might not meet our rules. Please read our rules here. Read more.

  10. Is there any illegal type of ads that cant be post on this site ?

    Yes. Any ads that is unlawful, or do not conforms with Malaysian law and nature will be prohibited from being posted on this site. Any ads that has been posted,will be unpublished/deleted at our sole descretion. Read more.

  11. What are the illegal/prohibited ads ?

    Any kind of ads that is illegal in Malaysia,which include,but not limited to:spamalcoholporn/nudegamblingscamMLM(Muti Level Marketing)hate/misleading/offensiveweaponsetc. Read more.

  12. How many images can I upload ?

    All ads advertised on this site may upload up to 10 images for free. There is no pay for more images. Read more.

  13. How long my ads will be active ?

    Currently we do not enforce any expiry on all ads published on this site. Means your ads will be active indefinitely. Read more.

  14. Is there pay to post in any category ?

    No. All category is free to post ads to. Read more.

  15. Is there paid upgrade ?

    We only charge for below upgrade:Featured Ads3 days : RM 3. 7 days : RM 5. 30 days : RM 20. 90 days RM 50. Bring to Top (bump ads)RM 5.  Read more.

  16. What payment methods do you accept ?

    Currently we only accept payment through PayPal© . This will enable for immediate confirmation on payments done.Other payment methods will be available in the near future. Read more.