Below are rules that you must accept before/while using our site.

  1. All ads posted on this site must adhere to Malaysian Law.
  2. Only post ads with real goods, or services. No ads intended for purely marketing.
  3. Language of your ads must be either in English or Bahasa Malaysia only.
  4. Your ads title must contain only short description of your ads. And must not contain unnecessary words, such as "for sale","best offer","discount".
  5. Your ads description must describe what your ads is about. It must be of your own sentences,and not copied from other advertisers. Unnecessary words that either directly or indirectly related to item being advertised. Such as ads for "Proton Perdana", should not contain the words "Perodua Viva","Forld Lancer", or "Honda Civic".
  6. You should post your ads to the most related Category to items you advertised.
  7. Any ads posted should only consist of one unique item each.
  8. Ads posted should not be a duplicate of your other active ads.
  9. Images submitted must be appropriate/related with the ads posted. Images is not suitable if :
        - is downloaded from other classified site
        - containing watermark
        - not clear(blur),too small
        - contains children's images
        - contains offensive content(ex:nude,graphic) Iklan Sini reserves the right to :

  • reject/remove any ads posted with/without advertisers prior permission or notification
  • making final decision whether an ads violates our rules

We reserve the right to modify this rules at any time with or without prior notification.

Updated: 28 March 2018